Governor’s budget promotes natural resource restoration, law enforcement

Gov. Ron DeSantis released the proposed Fiscal 2023-24 “Framework for Freedom” Budget, solidifying his commitment to support the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) mission to protect Florida’s natural resources.
The budget is evidence of Gov. DeSantis’ continued commitment to ensuring Florida’s natural resources will be abundant for future generations to enjoy.
Included in the governor’s proposed budget are high-priority conservation items including eradication and control of pythons and other nonnative fish and wildlife species, enhanced protections for Florida’s manatees and sea turtles, statewide seagrass restoration support, and support for law enforcement.
“Since day one, Governor DeSantis has made conservation one of his top priorities, and we are grateful for his continued support,” said FWC Chairman Rodney Barreto. “Because of his steadfast leadership, residents, visitors and future generations will enjoy Florida’s natural resources for years to come.”

Budget highlights include:
•  $2.6 million in new funding for nonnative fish and wildlife eradication and control
• $1.4 million for Burmese python population control and assessment
• $16.9 million for 41 new law enforcement positions for patrol and investigation
• $8.4 million for boating access and boating improvement projects
• $11.1 million for habitat restoration initiatives
• $750,000 for initiatives focused on maintaining Florida’s reputation as the Fishing Capital of the World
 • More than $900,000 for manatee population assessment and management enhancements
• Over $750,000 for enhanced protections for Florida’s sea turtles
• $600,000 for artificial reefs
• $7.8 million for land management, acquisitions, and improvements

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