Sheriff’s Report

This report is for activity Sept. 22 to 28 :


• Casey Harrell arrived to pressure clean a home and observed an unknown subject present in the yard. The subject took off and fled the area. Harrell observed the back door had been kicked in. Contact was made with the owner of the property who responded as soon as possible. This case has been sent to detectives for further investigation. Deputy Austin Rivers investigated.
• Walmart employees reported a theft which had occurred several days prior in which two subjects stole multiple items. The subjects exited the store with approximately $800 worth of merchandise. This case has been sent to detectives for further investigation.
• Steven Chontos reported a game camera had been taken from a tree on his property. He stated he wanted the incident recorded in case future incidents occur. Deputy Jake Scott responded.


• Matthew Stewart reported hearing the fire alarms going off in his home. Stewart realized the master bedroom ceiling was on fire but was able to quickly extinguish it. It is unknown how the fire started. Stewart estimated the ceiling repairs around $20,000.
• Aaron Taylor reported the theft of three homemade mailbox number markers. Taylor valued the loss at approximately $300. Deputy Austin Rivers investigated.
• Deputy Edwin Grove attempted to conduct a traffic stop for an inoperable headlight. The driver, Quinton Holmes continued to drive for several more minutes at 20 mph before pulling into a driveway. Holmes was found to have not have a valid driver’s license and was arrested for Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (DWLSR) and Fleeing and Eluding.


• While patrolling on Crawfordville Highway, Deputy Austin Rivers made contact with Jody Russell Jr. on a closed construction road near Whiddon Lake Road. Upon contact with Russell, Deputy Rivers noticed a prescription bottle with pills not in Russell’s name, which he reportedly threw down upon seeing Deputy Rivers pull up. Deputy Rivers detained Russell due to the prescription bottle and having a knife in his pocket. During a search Deputy Rivers noticed a bulge in Russell’s pocket. He reportedly pulled out items and attempted to conceal them and then allegedly dropped a clear plastic baggie containing 0.1 grams of methamphetamine. Deputy Rivers observed the baggie and was able to get the baggie from Russell before he could destroy it. A glass smoking pipe and a small plastic straw with residue were in a sock Russell had in his cargo pocket. Russell was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia and transported to the Wakulla County jail.


• Mavis Ola Walker reported someone opening a Verizon account in her name. After contacting Verizon, Mavis was forwarded to the fraud department, where she was advised to file a police report so the Verizon Fraud Department can begin its investigation. Deputy Kendrick Gavin investigated.


• Tarpine Homeowners Association President Theodore Recker reported the theft of a garden hose. The hose was taken from the gate area. Recker wanted this incident documented for informational purposes only. Deputy Austin Rivers investigated.


• Harry Taff reported Tiffany Ruffin took his vehicle without permission. The vehicle was located a short time later on Shadeville Highway. Ruffin was placed under arrest and transported to the jail facility. Deputy Austin Rivers investigated.
• A traffic stop was attempted on a vehicle for no tag. The driver later identified as Jonathan Vaillancourt, continued for a short distance and then pulled off the roadway. During the investigation, Vaillancourt was discovered to have drugs, drug paraphernalia and ammunition in his possession. (Vaillancourt was found to be a convicted felon and is prohibited from possessing guns or ammunition.) Vaillancourt was arrested and transported to the jail facility. Deputy Todd Kent investigated.

Report suspicious or illegal activity at 850-745-7100, or call 911 for emergencies.