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    Editor, The Sun:
    The U.S. and Florida Constitutions grant citizens due process, equal protection of law and the right to petition for redress of grievances. The Merriam Webster definition of “redress” means, “a means of obtaining a remedy, compensation (as damages) for wrong or loss.”

    Most Floridians take these rights for granted...after all, they’re guaranteed! But, these rights do not apply to those whose lives are governed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). The FWC have told the Judiciary that they have no right to question their wisdom, leaving harmed citizens absolutely no ability to prevail in court. Furthermore, the FWC have openly refused to establish the adequate due process found in the constitution, even though the legislature has mandated they do so through bills. The FWC’s view of many of the Statutes are that they merely suggestions... arbitrary, meaningless words, scribbled for the fools that believe in constitutional guarantees.

    In one of our 1st DCA court cases, the FWC admitted mandating fishing nets that had a data proven 98% waste rate. That means 98% of the fish caught were illegal to keep or sell. At the same time, the FWC admitted to refusing to allow fishermen to use a statutory granted net which had only a data-proven 2% waste. In the same case, the FWC also ignored that the “sole purpose” of the constitutional amendment, which was to PREVENT, “unnecessary killing, overharvest and waste.” The 1st DCA Chief Judge asked, “Can your commission do anything no matter how unreasonable?” The FWC attorney told the judge that the courts couldn’t question their “wisdom.”

    No one in the state voted for an imperious form of government without checks and balances, yet we have lived under this tyranny for 24 years. It’s my hope that this letter reaches the governor’s desk, because those of us ruled by the FWC are not living in a “free state.” From the U.S. and State Constitution to the Florida Statutes, we are not protected.

    We have the proof, Gov. DeSantis… Please help us.

    David Grix Boynton Beach

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