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    Editor, The Sun:

    Dear Attorney General Ashley Moody,
    Seeing that we haven’t had “adequate due process” to take the FWC to court for 25 years, no matter how egregious their rule, I have three questions.
    1. Since the Governor is the head of the Executive Branch, does he have the power to veto an FWC “rule?”
    2. Can the governor compel the FWC to establish the adequate due process that the FWC refused to establish after the Legislature instructed them to do so?
    3. Finally, at what point are you going to hold the FWC accountable for their refusal to establish “adequate due process?” Per Art. IV, Sect 9. Fla. Const.
    I started fighting this battle at age 43 and I am now 67 years old. If you THINK the legislature doesn’t realize the problem, look at the inner wordings on HJR 7173, which was signed into law in June 2007. I worked with the Senators and Representatives on that bill that passed 155-1. As you know, you recently fought against the Supreme Court reviewing Art. 12, Sect 23, and guess what? As a direct result, there are groups that realize there is no “due process” at the FWC, whose attorneys have been in constant contact with me for the last year, creating petition drives that directly name Executive Branch officials, including the governor and FWC officials for lawsuits. The titles proposed for their amendments will easily win over Florida voters, but destroy this state. ALL because our “free state” refuses to enforce the constitution as written, voted on and guaranteed.
    As 1st Chief Judge Edwin Browning Jr. stated in another of our cases:  “If agencies are not required to justify their alleged rational basis at an evidentiary hearing when that basis is refuted, as here, this court is preparing a fertile field for the growth of imperious agencies, with all of the mischief it entails.”
    Thank you for considering citizens that have not had “adequate due process” for 24 years. There is 100 times more proof than in this email. We don’t want to go to Federal Court, but if we have to, what we have is irrefutable.
    David Grix
    Fishing For Freedom Inc.

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