Gilly Bagwell

Gilly Bagwell – 1st grader at Riversink Elementary

Principal: Catherine Cutchen

Achievements/Reason for Nomination: Gilly Bagwell, a bright young individual, currently attends 1st grade in Mrs. Temple’s Class. At Riversink, Gilly truly shines like a beam of sunshine. Not only does she excel academically, holding impressive grades, but she also surpasses expectations when it comes to displaying good citizenship. Gilly’s enthusiasm for reading is evident as she gleefully engages in a game called “I Have….Who Has?” During recess, she finds great pleasure from playing alongside her friends. At home, Gilly cherishes moments shared with her brother Galen and sister Giai. Indulging in her love for water, she has set herself a goal of exhibiting flawless diving technique while leaping off the Wakulla Springs high dive. Gilly was specifically selected for her outgoing nature and her unwavering kindness, which she consistently demonstrates.