Everest Burns

Lilian Brown – 7th grader at Wakulla Middle School

Principal: Simeon Nelson

Achievements/Reason for Nomination: Lillian has been selected Student of the Week for Wakulla Middle School because she is an amazing student. She is kind to her peers and teachers, completes all her work, a talented musician, and an excellent writer. Lillian’s favorite subject is Band. She plays in the WMS Symphonic, Jazz, and Concert Bands. Her chosen instrument is the clarinet. Lillian is also a Library TA for Mrs. Byars, our Media Specialist. She knows a lot about books and how a Library is set-up and operates. She is also a million-word reader this year. Outside of school, Lillian likes to Read, Draw and Craft. We are happy that Lillian is on our campus and that we still have another year with her. She is going to do great things in her life. Great job, Lillian!