We remember a wonderful woman in our neighborhood. We remember her kindness and open heart and how much she cared for all people. She left a great legacy for those she touched in her lifetime – Missionary Charlotte Harris Rosier.
Known to many as “Mama Charlotte,” she was from Hyde Park community.
At the age of 14 she moved to Sopchoppy and at the age of 19 was joined in holy matrimony to John E. Rosier.
They were blessed with children: John Jr., Ezella, Ethelmae, Alberta, Callie, Joseph, Merddie, Ruth and Mary.
Mother Charlotte Rosier opened to home to several families – many of the children were able to go to school, on to college, and make a good life for their families.
During that time she opened her door to elderly people, even the homeless.
There were no nursing homes, no food stamps or Social Security checks at that time to help the ones in need. During the time of Camp Gordon Johnston, Mother Charlotte roomed several of the soldiers’ wives. My sisters and I were willing to give up our little room for these ladies. It made us feel special.
Some of the elderly people, both men and women, died at our home. There were not many jobs in Buckhorn for out-of-town men. They were always informed to “Check Mrs. Charlotte.” I don’t recall a time she could not find room for another person, young or old.
Proverbs 31:10 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.
Mama Charlotte Rosier was indeed a virtuous woman. She had many attributes, including love, humility, faith, strength, patience, generosity, integrity, kindness, courage and wisdom.
After her death in 1989, the Charlotte Rosier Quality Care Home opened on March 1, 1990 in her honor. The home was operated by Wendy Gavin Beard, her granddaughter, and her husband, Dr. Timothy Beard.
Prior to Mama Charlotte’s death, the Rosier family continues to come together to celebrate at various locations. It was founded in the church and included singing, praying, praising God, giving thanks and comfort, support, encouragement and love.
Her love, generosity and commitment to her family and the lives she touched will never be forgotten.

Prayers and concern goes out to all the sick, shut-in, those in the hospital, nursing home, prison, the homeless, and all in need of prayer. May the Lord bless you.