The Wakulla Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting for the SOAR Store on the Wakulla High School campus back in October. (Photo by Lynda Kinsey)


In order to combat the growing behavior problems in the school system, Wakulla High Librarian and Teacher Victoria Pope has created the “SOAR” program, which is designed to incentivize positive behavior in students in and out of school.
Pope said she wanted to “Develop something really positive for students,” and that the program is her way of doing that.

SOAR is an acronym for “Successful, Optimistic, Accountable, and Respectful” – representing behaviors the program is meant to encourage.
Students are awarded “points” through the program, which they gain for being consistently on time to class, completing work on time, and avoiding disciplinary referrals. These points can then be redeemed at “The Nest” – the school’s store – for things like snacks, gift cards, and other prizes. Students who consistently adhere to these behaviors will also be given passes to get into some sporting events for free, though not football games.
“It is a way for you guys (students) to reinvest back in the school,” said Pope, adding that and she hopes SOAR will serve to give everyone “good morale and boost the confidence in themselves and the school.”
The program is still very new, and is certain to change as meetings are held monthly to discuss possible changes or improvements to the program.
Over time, it could become a core feature of Wakulla High’s behavior management, if it lives up to the expectations of its creators.
The high school is also looking for donations to stock the store with items that students may be excited about. Pope asks that anyone interested make donations from the Amazon wish list or the donors choose site, stating, “No donation is too small! Our students and staff appreciate your support!”