The City of St. Marks appears to have finally gotten its tax levy and budget for 2023-24 approved.

The city had initially advertised its tax levy and budget and held a hearing back in September. But the state Department of Revenue expressed concern that the city’s Public Notice didn’t meet advertising requirements that the millage rate is a tax increase over the rollback rate.
In November, the city advertised the levy and budget again but somehow the city’s accountant submitted the wrong budget numbers for advertising.
“This time, we think we got it right,” said Mayor Steve Remke at a special budget hearing on Saturday, Dec. 23 that took less than 5 minutes.
City Commissioner Sharon Rudd made a motion to approve the property tax levy of 6 mills in the city, which is higher than the rollback rate of 5.984 mills. (A mill is equal to $1 per $1,000 of value, meaning a property valued at $100,000 would pay $600 in city taxes – not calculating in Homestead Exemption or other taxes.) The motion of seconded by City Commissioner Paula Bell and approved 3-0. (City commissioners Paul Sheddan and Dan Albers were absent.)
Mayor Remke noted that the increase in taxes was needed to cover increases in prices faced by the city, especially for its insurance.
As for the city’s $4.299 million budget, it was also approved 3-0.