Shell Point man arrested armed with guns after making threats

Shell Point resident
Matthew Williams was arrested on Saturday.


A 48-year-old Shell Point man was arrested on Saturday, Dec. 16, after he allegedly made numerous threats to neighbors and was behaving erratically.
Deputies were called Saturday morning to Shell Point after neighbors of Matthew Williams heard him making threats and yelling strange things over the past several days.

According to the probable cause report obtained by the Sun, one neighbor on Sandpiper Lane called deputies after Williams began yelling at him for unknown reasons, then went into his house and then stepped out on the balcony armed with a handgun and pointed his finger at the neighbor saying, “I’m coming to get you… and everyone else out to get me.”
While two deputies were on-scene interviewing neighbors, Williams was reportedly seen by deputies “walking down the outside staircase of his residence. (Deputies) observed that (Williams) had a camouflage jacket draped over his shoulder, covering his right arm and right side of his body,” according to the report.
Deputies approached (Williams) as he reached the bottom of the stairs. Due to the reports of him being armed with a handgun, “we ordered (Williams) at gun point to walk toward us with his hands up. Initially, (he) ignored commands to put his hands over his head and continued to walk toward our position. Additional commands were given for (Williams) to put his hands up and get down on the ground. (Willliams) lifted his right hand throwing his jacket to the ground at which point we observed a black long gun with a sling over his right arm. (He) gripped the weapon with both hands and moved as if he was about to shoulder the weapon. (Deputies) both gave additional verbal commands for him to drop the weapon. After several commands (Williams) dropped the weapon. We gave additional verbal commands for (Williams) to get on the ground. He stated, ‘I ain’t getting on the ground.’ (He) refused to get on the ground,” the report says.
“At this point we were approximately 25 feet from (Williams). (Deputies) began closing the distance as (he) had his hands up refusing to get on the ground. As we got close to him, (Williams)dropped to his knees however stated he was not getting on the ground. Deputy Will covered him at gun point and I reached for his right arm forcing him to the ground. I handcuffed his right arm, pulled it behind his back and ordered him to put his left arm behind his back. He refused and as I tried to pull his left arm behind his back he resisted my efforts. I placed my Taser against his back and ordered him again to put his hand behind his back, telling him he was about to get Tased. He finally complied and was handcuffed.”
According to the report, Williams was armed with a .45 caliber pistol in his waistband with nine rounds in the magazine, including one in the chamber. He also had 11 rounds in his pocket.
He was also carrying a .22 in his pocket loaded with nine rounds including one in the chamber.
The long gun was a 12-gauge semiautomatic shotgun. It was loaded with seven shells. He was also carrying a smaller magazine for the shotgun loaded with six shells.
After deputies took Williams into custody, interviews with other area residents indicated he had been making threats and walking up and down the street armed. He had also reportedly walked up and down the street using binoculars to look into neighbor’s homes and yelling that he was coming to get them.
Williams was arrested for two counts of aggravated assault as well as resistting arrest with violence for refusing to get on the ground when ordered by deputies, and refusing to put his arm behind his back while armed with loaded firearms.
While being transported to the jail, Williams reportedly told deputies he had more guns in his house and believed deputies were in on the conspiracy to get him, according to the report. He also claimed he was leaving his house to go hunting – though deputies noted he was dressed in shorts and T-shirt and flip-flops.
In October, Williams had been charged with False Imprisonment but the charges were dropped by the state attorney’s office in November.