Volunteer Dan Wagner prepares to hand out frozen chicken;

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Wakulla Giving Hands held a food giveaway in Panacea on Saturday, Jan. 27, at Bayside Plaza.

It was the non-profit organization’s first event outside of Crawfordville.
Partnering with Second Harvest and Mack’s Country Meats to provide an abundance of food, Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office Road Crew and Cub Scouts to assist with distribution and a host of volunteers, Panacea was provided access to free food and resources to aid those who need assistance or just a helping hand to make it to the end of the week.
Becky Whaley, assisting the event, said, “I oversee feeding the (senior citizens), so I partnered with Second Harvest, Wakulla Senior Center and Wakulla Giving Hands to help more often. I used to help feed the seniors at the Senior Center once a year, now we are distributing every other Wednesday.
“A lot of the seniors don’t want you to know that the once-a-month $800 check they’re getting is just not cutting it anymore,” Whaley added. “My goal is to continue to work with Second Harvest and everyone here today to keep feeding our Senior Citizens and provide a full-time pantry.”
County Administrator David Edwards and Wakulla Senior Center Director Lara Edwards were at the event in support.
President of Wakulla Giving HandCasey Kimbrell said, “At the end of the day, I am tired but my heart is huge and it is our Giving Hands that keeps our hearts going and our missions moving. This organization gives me something to live for and I truly believe this is my calling and I have an enormous sense of self fulfillment.” Kimbrell shared as the organization is growing, so are our sponsors; we are officially partners with Pepsi products now.”
Wakulla Giving Hands consists of President Kimbrell, Vice President Richard Melton and Treasurer Christell Wood.
Interested sponsors or anyone interested information can contact Wakulla Giving Hands on Facebook or Kimbrell at 850-661-0605, Melton at 850-688-0719, or Wood at 850-321-7961.

Volunteer Becky Whaley with County Administrator David Edwards, Senior Center Director Lara Edwards, and Joy Strickland.