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Starting on Feb. 1, The Wakulla Sun’s website will go behind a paywall.
Or at least, the news stories will be.

Some content – pretty much anything other than news stories – will still be accessible. That includes obituaries and columns such as Sheriff’s Report or Ethel Skipper’s Buckhorn News can be read for free.
Soon, subscribers will receive an email (if you have an email on file) that shows your account’s username – which is the name on the subscription – and will include instructions on creating a password.
If you have any problems with this, or don’t get an email, call the Sun office at (850) 962-8019 and someone will walk you through it.
And if you haven’t visited our website, go to and take a look.
The website was designed and built by our graphic artist and technology specialist Eric Stanton. About 18 months ago, he started developing it – and it definitely went through a birthing process that required lots of trial and error.
The new version of the website, up now, is clean and attractive and easy to navigate.
It is one of those modern day requirements of a newspaper to have a website and, for business reasons, to move it behind a paywall.
At the same time, I know there’s a good number of our readers who have no interest in the internet, and this change won’t mean anything at all. (Nod to a large percentage of our subscribers in Sopchoppy who put on their subscription form that they don’t have email.)
Again, questions concerns or comments, let me know. You can call me at (850) 962-8024 or email me at

William Snowden is the editor and publisher of The Wakulla Sun.