In last week’s edition, on the Opinion Page was a a Letter to the Editor from Bill Catalina that gave his response on a number of issues related to the Wakulla Airport.

Accompanying the letter was a photo that purported to show Airport Manager Steve Fults flying a remote control aircraft at the airport in violation of airport rules.
The photo was a screenshot of a video taken by Catalina. The Sun obtained the video from Catalina, and it appears the video was not shot in 2017, as he represented.
The airport rules and regulations prohibited flying drones at the airport prior to 2013.
Evidence that the video was shot before 2017 includes a lightning detector visible at the airfield – that equipment was removed before September 2014.
Also, the airport sign that was put up in 2016 is not there.
Prior to 2013, flying remote controlled aircraft at the airport was common among numerous citizens and was not prohibited at the time the video was shot.
The Wakulla Sun regrets publishing the photograph.