St. Marks City Attorney Bill Garner informed the St. Marks City Commissioners at their meeting last week that due to Paul Sheddan’s recent resignation from the commission, they would need to appoint someone to serve in his stead within 10 days.

Sheddan filed a defamation lawsuit against city officials and a city resident last week and then submitted his resignation from the city commission. Sheddan claims in his lawsuit that City Manager Zoe Mansfield and Assistant Ethel Jefferson lied about him when they said he yelled at them in a meeting while he had the role of mayor, and a city resident began a petition to remove him from office. He was absent from a meeting in November and city commissioners voted to remove Sheddan as mayor, and appointed City Commissioner Steve Remke to the post of mayor.
Sheddan’s lawsuit was not mentioned at the meeting.
Of Sheddan’s resignation, Commissioner Paula Bell brought up the possibility of leaving the position vacant until the election in November, but no decision was made. It is on the agenda for the May 15th special meeting for the second reading of a proposed ordinance, and will be discussed further then.
Garner also informed the commission that the deal to sell Innovation Park is going smoothly, as the survey and appraisal of the property are finished, and a final price is being worked out with the interested party. One concerned citizen raised questions about why other offers from other parties aren’t being considered, and Garner clarified that no other party has made a monetary offer, and if they were to begin talks with other parties it might open the city government up to accusations of acting in bad faith, which would be a much bigger problem to deal with than the sale of the property is.
The first reading of an ordinance that would decrease the candidate qualification period from 30 days to 4 days, to align with the county’s rules that cover the subject. The commission voted 3-0 to approve it for a second reading, which will be on May 15th. In addition to Bell, city commissioners Sharon Rudd, and John Gunter were present. Mayor Remke was absent.
In other matters:

  • Sponsorship forms are now available for the 4th of July Celebration, and can be picked up at Bo Lynn’s Grocery, or from by request.
  • City Manager Zoe Mansfield informed the commissioners that St. Marks is back in the running to receive funding to pave the parking lot near the boat ramp on the St. Marks River.