David Sellers

Special to The Sun

David J. Sellers, Chief Warrant Officer, United States Navy Veteran, Naval Special Warfare, recently retired from USN and moved back home to Crawfordville with his family after over 22 years.

David graduated from WHS in 1999, enlisting in the USN while in High School. His wife, Evelyn, Navy Veteran, (met on USS Kearsarge), Evelyn deployed, stationed in Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom; 3 boys, Gabriel, Jonathan, Alejandro. Gabe graduated 2022 in VA, Jonathan graduated WHS this year, Alex will graduate WHS next year. David’s very happy parents are Adrian & Diana Sellers.
Deployments include Persian Gulf Shock and Awe, Operation Iraqi Freedom (Saddam was found December 2003). Operation Enduring Freedom. Hurricane Katrina 2005, Humanitarian Aide, USS Harry S. Truman, Hurricane Harvey 2017, Humanitarian Aide, USS Arlington, Naval Warfare College. Naval Instructor. Assigned to Pre-commission the USS New York (Its bow contains 7.5 tons of World Trade Center Steel) plank owner, Commissioned the USS New York in New York City November 2009. Recruited to Naval Special Warfare SEALS & SWCC, headed programs; Homeland Security, ICE Teams, seized drug boats. Special Boat Teams SEALS, Combatant Crafts. Deployed to Yemen.
Thank you to my wife; honor, committment…her deployment on the homefront as I was away so much…
A special gratitude goes out to all veterans and their families, mine did, their parents did…World War conflicts. My wife’s three siblings all in the military…serving, thankful for this country….and all that came before. Thank you, two words with so much gratitude.
God Bless America.

David J. Sellers
Chief Warrant Officer USN Retired