Dondrick Eaves
Quanesia Arnold


The owner of a popular Tallahassee food truck and his fiancee were recently arrested and charged with numerous counts of shoplifting for stealing supplies from the Crawfordville Walmart.

Dondrick Eaves and Quanasia Arnold of Big D BBQ in Tallahassee both face misdemeanor charges of theft for repeatedly going to Walmart and not scanning all the items in their shopping cart during numerous visits over several months.
According to the arrest warrants, the store’s asset protection team called the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office to report that surveillance video showed the couple approach the self-checkout and scan some, but not all items. Arnold used a credit card for the food truck to pay for some items, which led to her identification.
On Oct. 11, the couple allegedly did not scan bulk corn, whole chicken, charcoal, tartar sauce, buns and other items totaling $129.78.
On Oct. 6, Eaves allegedly went into the store and picked up items, but failed to scan and pay for ribeye steaks and other grocery items valued at $85.16.
There are numerous warrants for Eaves and Arnold for each visit to the store when it’s alleged they stole items – a total of 19 arrest warrants.
According to the reports, on Oct. 12, a deputy at the store recognized Eaves as matching the description of the suspect in the thefts and deputies approaches Eaves as he left the store. The deputies told him they were working a string of retail thefts over the past several months.
Eaves reportedly made a spontaneous utterance of “I f****d up, you already know I did those.”
Later, it was confirmed Eaves had unpaid merchandise in his shopping cart when deputies stopped him.
He was arrested and transported to the sheriff’s office annex for interview. Photos from recent thefts were shown to him and he reportedly identified them as photos of himself. He allegedly admitted to the thefts and offered to pay for the stolen items.
He was then taken to jail.
A short time later, Arnold reportedly arrived at the jail asking about Eaves. She was interviewed by deputies and told she was also a suspect in the retail thefts and shown photos from the store’s surveillance – and she allegedly admitted it was her in the photos.
She was not arrested at the time, but a warrant was later issued for her arrest for numerous theft charges.
Eaves was arrested on numerous warrants on Nov. 13.