Rotary and Realtors work with Sleep in Heavenly Peace to provide beds

Some of the Rotarians who participated in the build with John Cousins, with his hand raised, of Sleep in Heavenly Peace.


The Rotary Club of Wakulla and the Wakulla Chapter of the Tallahassee Board of Realtors did a bed build on Saturday morning under the auspices of Sleep in Heavenly Peace and built 20 bunk beds for Wakulla kids who don’t have beds.
(Full disclosure: I am the president of the Rotary Club this year.)

A kid gives a thumbs up to his new bed.

The build was originally supposed to be held in the parking lot at the sheriff’s office, but inclement weather forced the build to be moved to the extension office’s livestock pavilion.
About 100 volunteers took part in building the bunk beds – which are constructed of lumber – 1x4s, 2x4s, 2x6s – cut down to size, sanded, drilled, headboards assembled and branded with the “SHP” logo. Then the parts are delivered to homes and assembled.

Different stations where volunteers go through the process of cutting, sanding, drilling and assembling beds.

The delivery included mattresses, pillows and bed linens ‑ everything needed for a bed.
Steve Sanabria, Rotary Club’s sergeant-at-arms, noted that Sleep in Heavenly Peace had done the builds for so long that the group had it down to an “idiot-proof” process. Volunteers who had never handled power tools jumped in to get the beds built.
John Cousins, chapter president of Sleep in Heavenly Peace, noted that work began around 9:15 a.m. and the first bed was delivered in Crawfordville before 11 a.m.

Steve Sanabria of Rotary and John Cousins of Sleep in Heavenly Peace address the volunteers.

Cousins showed a picture of two little girls happily smiling in their bunk beds.
Rotarian Kris Calloway did that first delivery and said it was a great experience: Two little girls living with their grandma had been sharing a twin bed. He and a crew delivered and assembled the bed and the girls were happily arguing over who got the top bunk.
Twelve beds were delivered. The others are in storage to be delivered for Wakulla families.
If you are in need of a bed, or know of a family who is, go to and fill out the one-page form. If you are unable to fill out the form online, contact SHP Tallahassee Chapter at 844-432-2337 ext. 5707. Your information will be kept confidential.

Rotarian Joe Morgan after setting up a bunk bed.

Rotarians were moved by the project and the experience of delivering beds to kids. In a group text of club members, Rotarian Angie Bozeman texted: “I know we see everyone come together during Rotary events but today felt different. It was something truly greater. I appreciate all the hard work everyone put in today.”
“I feel the exact same way,” Rotarian Joe Morgan answered. “This is huge!”
“This is (by) far the best thing I have done as a Rotarian,” Niraj Patel texted. “Just blessed.”
“This was the best!” Heather Bryan texted. “The true meaning of people of action. Way to go guys!”
Rotary donated money for the construction of the beds, as did Tallahassee Board of Realtors. Rotarian Valerie Russell and husband Chris also donated $1,000 towards the project.