Volunteer work with schools, students led to desire to serve on school board

June Davis is a candidate for school board district 2.


My name is June Davis, and I am asking for your support as I run for Wakulla County School Board Member for District 2.

I want to aid the students and parents in having the same successful experience in Wakulla County Schools that my family has had.
My husband, my son, and I have lived in Wakulla County since 2009. When my family moved to Wakulla County and my son started school here, I was quickly amazed at the education my child was receiving and felt blessed to live in a community with this school system. My son has been attending Wakulla County schools since Pre-K in 2013. Continuously over the years, I have been a parent volunteer in our schools. I led the PTO at Crawfordville Elementary School. I assisted the soccer team at Riversprings Middle School. At Wakulla High School, I am a volunteer with SOAR Council (the Positive Behavior and Intervention Organization), the WHS Advisory Council, and the Boys Soccer Booster Club.
Additionally, my family is active serving at Rivertown Community Church here in Wakulla County. My Christian faith is vital to the decision I made to run for School Board because I am for giving, serving and loving Wakulla County.
As a student, I earned a Master of Arts in Adult Education/Distance Learning from the University of Phoenix Online. As a professional, I have designed, developed, and delivered training since 2005 to adults in the banking industry.
My aspiration to run for School Board is reflected in the volunteer work I have done and continue to do in our school system as well as my involvement in Keep Wakulla County Beautiful, where I have actively volunteered for the last three years. I desire to leave my community more peaceful and successful with all my interactions.
I want Wakulla Schools to remain safe for our students, faculty, and staff. I want Wakulla Schools to remain high-achieving and exceed our Top 10 ranking in the State of Florida, and I want Wakulla Schools to attract and retain the best and brightest teachers, staff, and administrators.
While Wakulla School District has worked hard to attain the successes, they have become known for throughout the state. Becoming an even better district for all students will require diving into our district budget to cut down in areas that will not affect student achievement. I will actively participate in the evaluation of our resources and our expenses while adhering to the Florida Legislature’s guidelines and mandates to ensure we use our budget to maintain the essential, successful components of our school district and improve valuable components that need updating to generate even more success and peace in Wakulla County Schools. I will strive to make all of our teachers and employees feel appreciated and inspired to work for the students of our county. There are many wonderful features of the Wakulla School District, but striving to be the best requires critical thinking and hard work.
As my many years of community and school volunteerism reflect, my desire to be a positive influence on our schools and do the required hard work inspires me to run for this office.
If elected as your School Board member, I pledge to create a dedicated partnership with the new superintendent, the district staff, my fellow board members, the teachers, parents, and students of our county. I pledge to be an advocate for each with respectful interaction and appreciation for the talents and expertise of all involved. I pledge to use my professional skills to educate and inform our citizens through open communication with all to ensure that our teachers are energized to teach, discipline, and grow our students with safety to achieve continued educational success. I pledge to continue to use my volunteer experience to make Wakulla County Schools successful for all students and continue to keep Wakulla County a more beautiful place to live.
As we prepare for the 2024 election, we are overwhelmed by issues in our county and our nation. I will strive to support our families, friends, community, and our nation as I live up to my obligation of being an active participant and leader in my community.
Therefore, I am running for your Wakulla County School Board Member in District 2, and I humbly ask for your support and your vote on Aug. 20.
My phone number is 850-274-3117, if you need anything.