The 2024 Chamber officers and Board of Directors. Seated at the table are officers: Vice President Megan Smith, President-Elect Frank Messersmith, Past President Amy Geiger, President Jeanie Booth, Secretary Niraj Patel, and Treasurer Jessica Revell. Standing are directors: Kinsey Miller, Kacee Britt, Greg James, Audrey Frazier, Katie Taff, Shelly Bell, Leslie Weiss, Mary Wallace, Tonya Hobby, Rachel Pienta, Tanner Pafford, Julia Whited, BOCC Liaison Ralph Thomas, Zoe Mansfield, Marva Preston, Samantha Morse, Doug Gove, Missy Gainer, Bill Snowden, Chris Russell, Kevin Vaughn, and Josh Brown. Not pictured: Steve Cushman, Bob Ballard, and Tiffany Hartsfield. County Judge Brian Miller, center, administered the oath of office earlier. (Photo by Heather Bryan of the Chamber)