Andrew Curles rammed the gate in July and was charged with felony criminal mischief


A Panacea man was ordered to pay $4,350 to replace one of the gates at Tarpine after he rammed it with his truck on July 21.

Andrew Curles, 25, had been sentenced back in September to 3 years of probation for the felony criminal mischief, but the restitution amount was put off until a hearing on Thursday, Jan. 4, when members of the Tarpine Homeowners Association presented estimates to replace the damaged gate.
In security video presented at the hearing, Curles can be seen pulling up to the Surf Road gate in a truck, then getting out and pushing on the gate arms, then he gets back in to the truck and rams it.
Testimony at the hearing from a couple of local welders was that it would cost more to repair the gate than just replace it. Wakulla Circuit Judge Layne Smith ordered Curles to pay $4,350 to fix the gate.