The winning Red Team at the Shadeville Brain Brawl.

Special to The Sun

Shadeville Elementary School hosted its yearly Brain Brawl Competition on Friday, Jan. 26th.

Two teams of four players and two alternates participated in the competition. Two students were chosen from each of the five fifth grade classes of Shadeville Educators: Kerry Adams, Suzie McCord (Brain Brawl Sponsor), Kaylee Meyers, Brittany Muse, and Cary Wallis (Brain Brawl Sponsor).
The Red Team consisted of Miles McClure (Captain), Kate Weaver, Maxx McCarty, Kaydence Wilson, and Mason Warner. The Green Team consisted of Isabelle Scott (Captain), Parker Larson, Liam Herron, Triston Childer, and Anabelle Stanley.
The teams prepared for the competition throughout December and throughout January. They were quizzed on subjects that included: current events, History, Geography, Literature, and Pop Culture.
The red team dominated the competition, earning the win and having the title as the highest scoring team, by earning 234 points in the first round and 178 points in the second round for a total of 412 points. The green team came in second place by earning 46 points in round one and 112 points in round two for a total score of 158 points.
Miles McClure (Captain) of the Red team was the MVP of the competition, earning the title of highest overall scorer by putting up 132 points.
Isabelle Scott (Captain) of the Green team scored the most points for her team by putting up a total of 60 points.
The Brain Brawl is sponsored by the Coastal Optimist Club in effort to provide challenging educational experiences for local youth. Optimist members Jo Ann Daniels, Verna Brock, served as moderator and timekeeper. Mrs. Suzie McCord was the score keeper for the competition.
All the students involved put a tremendous amount of effort into studying and practicing for the competition. They represented Shadeville and their families proudly.