Jacob Robison charged with killing infant in July 2023; Richard Bishop charged with killing inmate at WCI

Jacob Robison
Richard Bishop


A Wakulla County grand jury was empaneled recently and returned indictments for first degree murder in two cases: one is against Jacob Robison, who is accused of killing an infant back in July 2023; and Richard E. Bishop for killing an inmate at Wakulla Correctional Institute.

The grand jury came back with the indictments at the end of January.
Robison is charged with first degree murder for the death of a 1-year-old child under his care back on July 12, 2023. According to the indictment, Robison, 23, is charged with killing the child by “blunt force trauma and/or brain bleed, and the killing was perpetrated from or with a premeditated design or intent.” He is also charged with aggravated child abuse for battery on the child.
Robison and the baby’s mother were living in a shed behind her mother’s house with the baby and Robison’s 2-year-old child. The mother went to work and later received texts that the baby had fallen off the bed. When the mother got home from work she found the baby unresponsive, blue, and covered in bruises. She rushed to take the baby to the hosptial, stopping at a Dollar General where she saw two Wakulla County sheriff’s deputies and asked for help. The two deputies tried to render lifesaving aid but the baby did not respond.
A few months earlier, in April, Robison had been charged with child abuse and battery after striking the mother of his child when they were arguing about getting a divorce. Robison was holding the child when he allegedly grabbed the woman by the throat, she pushed him off and allegedly struck him while grabbing for the child.